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July 28th, 2021    

Mario’s Minute 043 ft. TazTheTechWiz - Steam Deck & Switch OLED Thoughts, PS5 First Impressions

Long time listener, Discord server admin, and friend of the show TazTheTechWiz comes on for this episode of Mario's Minute to chop it up for a bit! We talk about my most painful spicy food experience from about a week prior, which I don't advise anyone to emulate. We also discuss some pre-order hardware with the Steam Deck and Switch (OLED Model) being announced. I also FINALLY got a PS5, all thanks to TazTheTechWiz, so I give my first impressions on that.

June 30th, 2021    

Mario’s Minute 042 - PS3 Console ID Leak, re3 & reVC Project Back Online

This time around on Mario's Minute we've got a bit of news sprinkled alongside the personal stories! First up being a recent wave of PS3 console bans which might be due to an alleged leak of PS3 Console IDs. I also discuss the news of the re3 GitHub repository coming back online, which includes reVC and the upcoming Liberty City Stories branch for Grand Theft Auto reverse engineering efforts. Some talk of eBay sales, some more of my dog Lily making a friend, and wrapping it all up by visiting my old game shops!

May 26th, 2021    

Mario’s Minute 041 ft. Blaine Locklair - Game Preservation, Collecting, & Babbage’s Experiences

This episode of Mario's Minute features Blaine Locklair, a fellow YouTuber who primarily covers game emulation and console modifications! Blaine came on for a couple of hours for some awesome conversation involving game preservation, collecting, and comparing old vs. new game store shopping experiences. We also get some life conversation in the mix with public speaking, introvert recharging, and mid-life crisis decisions over a Sega CDX.

April 28th, 2021    

Mario’s Minute 040 - Rounding Up Cats & PS3/Vita Storefront Shutdown Reversal

Back again, solo again, talking about cats and the same storefront yet again like this is the second part of last month's episode! This month I give a bit of a quarantine related update and continue discussing last month's cat and PS3/PSP/Vita digital storefront shutdowns. I also share my experience shopping at a GameStop for the first time in over a year, taking Lily to the vet, and a throwback game store story.

March 31st, 2021    

Mario’s Minute 039 - A Drowned Pixel & PS3/PSP/Vita Digital Storefront Shutdown

For this month of Mario's Minute we're just going over a few topics, but some big ones for this episode! The first being how I ended up forcing a phone upgrade early due to some negligence on my part. PS3/PSP/Vita storefronts are reportedly shutting down in July and August of this year, and although at the time of recording a straight up public statement has yet to be made, I took some time to give my thoughts over this issue in the past, present, and future of digital storefronts. Finally I also talk about a kitten rescue I've accidentally gotten myself into, and wrap everything up with a game store story.

February 24th, 2021    

Mario’s Minute 038 ft. Kacey - Weird Console Ports, College, & Cars

This episode of Mario's Minute features @Kacey, fellow YouTuber who works on a variety of gaming topics with a bit of a focus on weird console ports. She took some time to hang out for a couple of hours and discuss XLink Kai, college experiences, cars, and the importance of work spaces.

January 27th, 2021    

Mario’s Minute 037 - Xbox Live Price Hike & Console/PC SSD Upgrades

A new year, a new solo episode of Mario's Minute! In this episode I discuss the recent price increase, and sudden retraction, of Xbox Live Gold being doubled to $120. I also upgraded an older desktop as well as a few of my consoles with SSDs, so I take some time out to discuss my experiences and thoughts covering that venture. To top off the upgrades, new monitors have arrived! Tune in for these experience recaps and more.

December 23rd, 2020    

Mario’s Minute 036 ft. FrameRater - Cyberpunk 2077 Issues & CD-i Adventures

For the final episode of 2020 we're joined by FrameRater! He stops by for a couple of hours as we discuss gaming as work, the Cyberpunk 2077 launch situation, and adventures with an upcoming Philips CD-i purchase. We also talk repair stories and odd issues we can't explain with consoles, because electronics do that sort of thing. 

November 25th, 2020    

Mario’s Minute 035 - 9th Gen Consoles Released & Retro Console Timeline

The ninth generation of game consoles is here with the Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5 all hitting virtual store shelves! And guess who got one or all of them? Definitely not me, but that won't stop me from discussing my thoughts over their releases! I also discuss and pose the question to you all asking: When does a game console become retro? Aside from that, in this episode I discuss my experiences with glasses, as well as share a few more game shop stories.

October 28th, 2020    

Mario’s Minute 034 ft. Master Turkey - YouTube Beginnings, 9th Gen Console Thoughts, & Dogs

Master Turkey joins up for this month's episode of Mario's Minute to talk a bit about everything! In this episode we discuss the inflated housing market, our upcoming thoughts on the Xbox Series X/PlayStation 5, and dogs because... Well, why not? Michael Pachter also had an odd take about the Switch and Switch Lite which we discuss a bit further on here. Finally, for the first time on Mario's Minute... Book talk?! I guess so, stay tuned.

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